A christmas checklist

I love Christmas so so much! Seriously, as soon as Halloween is over, I’m buzzing that Christmas is around the corner. I love how cosy this time of year is and all the festivities (especially all the food!).

Wreath Workshop
What better way to start the Christmas festivities? On the 1st December me and my blonde babes (AKA Lyndsay and Rach) hit up a Wreath Workshop (read all about it over on Rach’s blog). I’ve never done anything like this before, but we had so much fun and I’m so so pleased with my wreath! This is a new addition to the 'Christmas Checklist' but something I'd love to do each year to kick off the countdown to Christmas.
  Christmas Display
Every year I take my Granny to a local garden center to check out the Christmas display and pick up a new decoration for the tree. The display is different every year and and we love having a festive mooch around.


Stringing up the fairy lights, hanging baubles and covering every visible surface with tea lights (like I need an excuse to do that). Perfect!

Dust off the Christmas playlists and let a little 'I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...' into your life!

Sweet Treats

I always like to add some sort of food related accent to the gifts I give. Last year was candy canes (moving into our new home on the 23rd December didn't give me much time to be overly creative) and the year before that was jars filled with cookie ingredients. This year, it’s truffles! Earlier in the year me and the blonde babes went on a chocolate workshop (again, read all about it over on Rach’s blog) where we mainly ate a lot of chocolate but also learned how to make and decorate truffles, so I'll be putting this to good use this year!

I LOVE getting people presents, I put quite a lot of pressure on myself to get people the perfect gift… but it’s always worth the hunt! And after the buying comes the wrapping. Every year I like to have a theme for the wrapping, and this year is no different! See my inspo below, wish me luck!
Cocktails are for life not just for Christmas! I love learning new cocktail recipes, perfecting them and of course... the drinking! I've got my eyes set on on this Nutella Martini concoction that I spotted over at The Londoner
The Grinch, Home Alone (1 & 2), Elf, White Christmas, Love Actually. The list is endless!

TV Programmes

Crack out the Christmas specials! Gavin & Stacey, Ab Fab, Only Fools & Horses and Friends.

Hot Chocolate
My gal Ashleigh is THE DON at making hot chocolates… big mug, squirty cream and marshmallows galore!
 Mrs Hull xx

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