Brows are a big deal

'Brows intrigue me. Every pair looks unique because of a person's bone structure.'
Anastasia Soare - CEO, Anastasia Beverly Hills
Brows are a big deal! Even on those lazy, CBA days I'll always do my brows. I keep my brows in check by giving them the odd dye job here and there and tweeze now and again (I'm trying to grown mine at the moment). I'm not ashamed to say that my brows are probably the area I spend the most time on when I do my makeup, and I've been using the same  products in the same way for years! Below is a breakdown of what I use and how I use them...

Products used:

How to:
Step 1:
Start off by combing through your brows in an upward motion

Step 2: Using the Brow Wiz line the bottom of your brow
Step 3: Line the top of your brow following down to the tail
Step 4: Fill in the brow using short upwards stroke in the direction of hair growth. Lighter from the front with the Brow Wiz and darker towards the end with the Dipbrow
Step 5: Apply the Clear Brow Gel in short upward strokes and conceal the bottom part of your brow for a clean finish
Mrs Hull xx

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