Zoeva Brush Stash

I never use my fingers to apply makeup, it’s messy, unhygienic and I think once you get used to using brushes, application is a DREAM. Zoeva brushes are my go to, here are a handful of my favourites…

Most days I just skip contouring my cheekbones, day-to-day I prefer a fresh, more youthful look but on the days that I do like to chizzle those cheeks I like a brush that will apply a very natural looking contour. Something very soft and subtle. I’ve been using this brush for a vvvvv long time and it's
a longtime fav. It has a really nice shape so I feel like I can buff it down rather than end up looking Ross the holiday armadillo.

My all time favourite brush for the face. It has a nice small taper to it so fits perfectly under my eyes. This is what I use to set my make up. You got creasing under your eyes? You don’t anymore honey!

Zoeva 129/LUXE FAN
Perfect for applying highlight along the tops of your cheekbones, brow bone and the centre of your nose. The featherlight bristles pick up and apply just the right amount of product so you get a glow rather than a glaze.

Think MAC 217 but rounder and fluffier. Windscreen wiper that crease and this blends everything out perfectly - it’s a vvvv soft focus brush that is amazing for defining the crease and corners of the eye.

Zoeva 317/WING LINER
I use this brush with powder. I use it with pomade. I use it with gel liner. I have two of these, I’m suppose to use one for liner and one for brows. Do I ever know which one is which? No I do not. It’s amazing at creating those super precise cat flicks or brow tails.

What are your favourite makeup brushes?

Mrs Hull xx

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