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Wayyy back in December last year, my blonde babes and I decided we would take a little trip (a baecation if you will) down to Brighton for a girls weekend! We were beyond excited and spent months leading up to it planning where we might want to explore…
Brighton AirBnB
We stayed at The Oak, a beautiful 2 up, 2 down with incredible decor (thanks to Maxine, the interior designer owner) that we booked via AirBnB. The house itself was beautifully decorated and styled (plenty of interior design ideas to be pinched!) while also being cosy and welcoming enough to make you really feel at home. I’d really recommend staying here if you’re ever in Brighton, Maxine was so lovely and showed us all the essentials for our stay.

AirBnB Brighton
Brighton isn’t lacking on the food front by any stretch of the imagination! It’s safe to say our weekend revolved around where we were going to stuff our faces next! Am I right girls?
Food for Friends
Our first pit stop for lunch was at Food for Friends a hotspot for vegetarian food that’s sure to satisfy anyone’s hunger, no matter what your eating habits are. It has so much more to offer than a traditional vegetarian menu, light meals with flavour fusions that packed a punch. Next time you’re wandering through Brighton, make sure you stop in.

After polishing off our sharing platter and cocktails we hit the cobbles to find more treasure troves before venturing back to the house for some chill time.
AirBnB Brighton
After admiring all the nooks and krannies of our lovely little home from home and popping a bottle of bubbles we headed back into town for dinner at 64 Degrees, an incredibly delicious and a very fun dining experience! This was hand on heart some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. It’s small-plate style, with each section of the menu (meat, fish and veg) showcasing four dishes so you can order the whole thing (as we nearly did) or each order something different. Sharing is caring, right?
64 Degrees Brighton
Dinner was followed by many, many cocktails at The Curious Mr Hanbury. Hidden in the basement of The Artist Residence you’ll be lucky to find this cosy secret bar behind a bookcase (obsessed!) and best of all there’s no fixed menu! Instead we were greeted by a quirky but ever so lovely mixologist who chatted to us about our favourite spirits and flavour preferences, then created our bespoke drinks! Cue that ketchup daiquiri for Lynds! Once tucked inside this little hidey hole we were firmly settled for the night!The Curious Mr Hanbury
After a surprising early rise from all three of us (6.30am!?! WTF) we spent the morning enjoying the roll top bath and drinking copious amounts of tea until it was time for breakfast at Redroaster. With an Instagram-dream interior and sweet spiced churros with salted caramel sauce and whipped banana on the menu we knew were in safe hands!
AirBnB Brighton
Unfortunately, the weather took a turn for the worst after breakfast and as we were all feeling the effects from our boozy night/early morning we decided to head home… but not before picking up some sweet treats to take home for the boys from Dum Dum Donutterie.Dum Dum Donutterie Brighton
It was a really chilled few days of exploring, eating and drinking! It’s so easy to just wander and find little interesting shops. I can’t wait to head back down soon as there’s defiantly more I want to explore, its such a fun little city!
Brighton Bandstand

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