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Wedding season has well and truly kicked off, and although EVERY bridal site has their own list (or three!?!) about what you should be doing before your big day, I thought I’d share the bits that I focused on pre-wedding and how I was preened and polished, to make sure I was looking and feeling like the best version of myself.


The best thing you can do here is to find a routine that works for you and stick to it! Pleaseee ditch the face wipes, up your water intake and give your skin some TLC. I’ve been using the following: 

Like most things wedding related I headed to Pinterest in search of inspiration! After MANYYY hours scrolling I had the kind of look I wanted nailed! And thankfully, two wonderful ladies that totally understood what I wanted, to help me achieve it! 

The goal for me was to look like myself, but not how I would do my own makeup (if that makes any sense?!?) and I couldn’t thank Alex enough for what she did! Alex is all about enhancing your natural features so I knew she would be the perfect fit! After exchanging pictures of the dress and the kind of look I was after, Alex and I met for a trial! We hit it off straight away which made the whole experience that much more enjoyable, and I felt totally at ease about my makeup for the day.

I knew I wanted an up-do but nothing too polished or fussy. I couldn’t wear a lace dress and a cathedral length veil and also have an over the top hair do! Again, I shared pictures of the dress and the look I was after and my stylist (and family friend) Emily came up with a beautiful plaited up do that pulled the whole look together!

I’d say the most important thing you can do when it comes to hair and makeup is always have a trial! Whether you’re doing you’re own or getting someone else to do it, have a trial! It’s also really important that if you are getting other people to do it for you, that you’re comfortable with them - they’re going to be there with you on the morning of your wedding so if they’re not your cup of tea maybe have a re-think?

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I booked myself in for a couple of treatments with my beautiful gal Ashleigh, who just so happens to be a KILLER beautician, and I feel like that really made the prep that I needed to do myself at home practically nothing.

Whether you opt for a simple shape and polish or the whole kit and caboodle with enhancements like I did, I’d highly recommend getting your nails done even if just for a pre-wedding pamper. I went for Harmony Gelish - Prim-Rose And Proper on my fingers and toes and it was the perfect wedding day nudey pink (without having to worry about chipping) PERFECT! 

I’d like to think of myself as a seasoned pro when it comes to slapping on the Ronseal (aka Bondi Sands Self Tan Foam Ultra Dark) but when it came to the wedding I wanted to minimise ANY risk of missed patches or streaks! This is not the time to be tangoed! Ashleigh gave me an all over natural looking tan - fuss free!

You’re going to be doing a lot of smiling on your wedding day, so you want your pearly whites looking just that - I opted for Crest 3D White Whitestrips as I’d used them before and got great results! 

Congratulations to any of you brides-to-be out there, I hope this is helpful!

Mrs Hull xx

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