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Hands up if you’re a serial plant killer?!? I’ve picked up a few new green mates over the last couple of months that are not only pretty and green but durable to neglect too! Perfect for the not so green fingered. Trust me, if I can do it you can do it!
Fragrans FernFragrans Fern
Lush and leafy, these are easy to love and easy to care for. A bit of foliage can transform a room, so plants like this are a lovely addition to the hallway!

Boston Fern HouseplantBoston Fern
If you want something reliable and fairly easy to care for then look no further! Some ferns are a real pain in the tush to keep alive, but this little fella can be brought back from what looks like near death so was the first on my list!

Madagascar Dragon TreeMadagascar Dragon Tree
The latest to the collection and one of the easiest house plants to grow as it takes neglect on the chin! It’s also one of the plants on NASA's air filtering plants list (part of the NASA clean air study) that reduces benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and toluene, within the air. Win Win!

String of PearlsString of Pearls
Succulents are defiantly next on my green wishlist (I’ve already got my eye on some Aloe Vera), but when I spotted this little fella in my Granny’s greenhouse I fell in love! Minutes later, armed with a small clipping and instructions from Granny I was ready to propagate my first succulent! He’s shooting well and will be ready for potting any day now!

EucalyptusIf you’re still on the fence about picking up the real deal, artificial flowers are a great way to brighten up your home as well. I’ve got a slight obsession with eucalyptus, but couldn't find the real thing anywhere so picked up some branches from Berry’s and Grey! We’ve also got some white hydrangeas in a left over fishbowl vase from our wedding. This is basically a replica of our centerpiece on the tables, a firm fav and a lovey little memento.

What’s your fave plant?! Let me knowwww what ones I should get next!

Mrs Hull xx

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